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Husband's first birthday dinner at the ranch.


- Pumpkin soup in mini pumpkins

- Spicy chickpea stew with rice

- Focaccia with Fourthillfarm Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Fudgy chocolate cake with chestnuts and pistachios

My wife has put an order in for a pullout cabinet she needed for her spices and bottles. So this is what I'm going to be building in this video.

I wanted to build the skeleton out of plywood. But for the front facing legs and drawer side, i wanted to use something special to fit into our farm kitchen. I paid a visit to my local shop to pick some oak and fir wood. I used fir for the legs and oak for the front facing side of the drawer.

I was thinking of having a flat surface of oak to show its grain but luckily, after cleaning the timber with my jointer in my woodworking shop, a beautiful oak knurl just appeared.

Well, the result was very pleasing. Here is the video as I'm building it in my shop, hope you like it.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The first thing you need when setting up a new woodworking shop is a solid, robust workbench. It provides a flat, durable surface for the projects in your shop. You can also add many drawers for storage to keep your shop tidy.

For the skeleton, I followed the Pask's instructions. This workbench is built with 18mm (3/4") plywood. Tabletop is 6 layers of them. Layering plywoods provides a strong foundation which you expect from a workbench.

After finishing the first phase, I wanted to give it a better look with beautiful walnut texture. I covered the table top with a contrasting walnut. I added a vise. And finally, for storage i added 4 drawers (2 large + 2 thin), again covered with walnut.

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